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Well here we are, a life-long ambition becomes a reality. I've been hi-fi obsessed for about 25 years now, having caught the bug (as I'm sure many of us did) from my Dad. Aged 14, sat at the back of the classroom pouring over copies of What Hi-fi? with the only one of my friends who shared my passion for all things high fidelity.

Whether we were planning our dream system, reading about them or eyeing them lustfully through the window of our local hi-fi shop, one thing was clear, this hobby had taken a tight hold on me. So what to do about it? Work experience presented the perfect opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands, securing myself a week's work in my local Sevenoaks Sound and Vision.

One thing led to another and I ended up as their Saturday lad all through school. When I needed a few extra beer tokens at University, again I turned to the local hi-fi shop, working part-time around lectures. Need a job now Uni's finished, work in a hi-fi shop. And there I stayed, gaining an enormous amount of knowledge and experience of all things audio. Sadly, the 2008 financial crisis did nothing good for commission and I took the decision to leave the industry to pursue a 'real' job which would guarantee a more predictable income...but I couldn't shake it off, that love of hi-fi has stuck with me. I'd often dreamed of once again combining my passion and my employment, so when the opportunity presented itself for me to do just that...I dove right in! And so here we are, Quintessential Audio is born.

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