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Far From Saints

Kelly Jones (yeah, you know...Stereophonics' frontman) has joined forces with The Wind And The Wave (Patty Lynn and Dwight Baker) to bring us this somewhat unexpected, but rather wonderful new album.

It was actually my wife who first mentioned it to me as she knows I'm something of a Stereophonics fan (and specifically Kelly Jones' voice), plus I've found myself really getting into country and folk music in the last few years, so it seemed like a good fit.

I'm sure we all find that some albums take a while to get into, and then some have you hooked from the first bar...this is most definitely the latter. From the beautifully crafted opening duet (Screaming Hallelujah) to the lilting sway of Let The Light Shine Over You, the interplay of Kelly and Patty's voices is simply wonderful, they really compliment one another and it makes for a deliciously cohesive and very listenable debut. I can well imagine that this will get a great deal of play in my house over the coming weeks and months, and it feels like a real 'Sunday morning' type album. Overall an impressive and almost addictive first album for this collaboration, let's hope there's more where that came from!

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